Friday, February 19, 2016

Berry College Eagles Day 4&5 Some Sibling Rivalry, Harrison Bay Eagles Incubation Continues, Northeast Florida Eagles Day 57&59 Getting Big, Southwest Florida Eagles Day 23&24 Bood-ends, Bald Eagle HK

I made the rounds of a few cams today. The Berry College pantry is well stocked!

Mom fed for a while, then finally offered some pieces to the chicks. But she was so far away, they couldn't reach. She eventually stepped closer with some bites for the chicks.

One of the chicks was trying so hard to climb out of the nest bowl to get some food. The other chick kept grabbing its butt! (A little sibling rivalry, but no harm done.) Check out I'm Trying To Climb Out & You're Not Helping! (2:32)

Technically, Harrison Bay Eagles will be in hatch watch in a week and a half. But I'm thinking we won't see a hatch for almost two weeks...

The Northeast Florida Eaglets are so big already! They are almost two months old. They must be getting plenty of food, neither seemed interested in feeding and the parent was left to eat in peace.

The Southwest Florida Eaglets were like book-ends in the nest.

There's a new post today for Bald Eagle HK. I am so hoping for an egg this year!

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