Monday, February 15, 2016

Berry College Eagles Second Hatch B7!, Bald Eagles HK and Sterling, Africam Black Eagles Cam Upgrade And New Pictures

What a big 24 hours for the Berry College Eagles. B6 hatched at 10:17PM last night and B7 hatched less than 15 hours later at 2:55PM this afternoon. This is the first look at B6 this morning after the infrared light was turned off:

Mom's left leg is still bothering her. Here, Dad gets his first look at B6 while Mom stretches after incubating overnight.

The other egg has a pip.

B6 has already mastered the peek-a-boo!

At 1:55PM this afternoon, the overhead cam shows that B7 is mostly out of the shell.

At 2:12PM, B7 is still head-first in the shell.

B7 is finally free of the shell at 2:55PM! Mom is trying to get ahold of the empty shell to remove it from the nest bowl.

Here's a couple of family screen captures. B7 is still weak from hatching.

There's a new blog post for Bald Eagles HK and Sterling and their visitors today. Pam Monahan is doing a great job documenting HK and his adventures.

The Africam Black Eagles had new camera equipment installed as part of an upgrade. It looks like the cam is just set to do a tour of the area since it's not currently nesting season. Here's a video of A Tour With New Cam (5:22). There are also some new pictures. Check this link and this link.

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