Sunday, February 28, 2016

Berry College Eagles: A Well Stocked Pantry!, Bald Eagle HK, Sterling, And Visitors, Harrison Bay Eagles Getting Ready For Hatch Watch

I grabbed some nest footage a few days ago and never got it posted. And now it's old news... But I'm still going to post this one shot that shows how well the Berry College pantry is stocked. I see 6 whole and partial fish and a coot!

Pam Monahan has been spending some time out at Honey Bell Golf Course, documenting the life of Bald Eagle HK.
On 2/25, HK had 4 visitors to his territory, from juvenile to adult.
On 2/26, HK and Sterling were both in the area.
On 2/27, HK and a sub-adult were at the nest.
Nests are attractive to other Eagles since they can be a source of food: eggs and babies that are left unattended as well as pantry items (such as in the Berry College nest above) can all provide food.

Get ready for hatch watch at Harrison Bay! We will be in the hatch window this week! I'm going to start watching tomorrow, but it may be another day before we see signs of hatching.

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