Thursday, February 18, 2016

Southwest Florida Eagles Day 22&23 A Good Day, Africam Black Eagles New Pictures

I watched the Southwest Florida Eagle nest for a few hours today. I saw some sibling rivalry, but nothing too bad. It looks like E8 is learning to lay low until E7 has been fed. I saw E8 get plenty of food today. I didn't see anything too concerning while I was watching and E8 seems to be in fine shape. Here's my s'caps from the day. Mombrellas are good at shading the babies from the hot sun:

That looks comfortable.

Mom hopped onto one of the nest branches so she could survey her territory:

That is a HUGE crop on E8! Being fed here by Dad while Mom feeds E7.

Zoomer gave us nice close-ups of Mom feeding E7:

Here's an animated gif of one of the bites:

Afterward, Mom dropped down onto a branch and did some feaking. She better be careful with her tongue hanging out the side!

That's all the cool stuff I got from 3 hours at the nest today. Here's a video of A Good Day At The Nest (28:48). I got the screen captures above from this video.

There's new pictures of the Africam Black Eagles. Check here and check here. Both are great sets of pictures.

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