Sunday, February 14, 2016

Berry College Eagles First Hatch B6! And Hatch Watch Continues For B7, Bald Eagles HK And Sterling Update

It was a long day of trying to see the pip. Here's when I saw a pip. I'm not sure if this is one egg or if they both have pips. Here's all the interesting s'caps I could find. In this first one, the pip is in the egg closest to Mom, right along the line of her neck:

Finally, the morning nest exchange...

I'm beginning to think that staying in the incubating/brooding position for long periods of time causes Mom's injured leg to act up. She has started to get less stable and often uses her wing(s) as a crutch.

They were telling somebody off!

Looks like the hole is getting larger.

There was a funny moment at the nest today. Mom's maternal instincts are kicking in. Mom Tries To Feed Dad (2:22).

Berry College pronounced hatch at 7:34PM based upon hearing the chick chirp. But you can hear a chick chirp when it's still in the shell. But there's no doubt at 10:17 when we get a view of the empty egg shell.

Here is a video of the moment above when the empty shell was revealed and a short time later Mom removes some of the shell from the nest bowl. I think at one point you can see a chicks body against the white of the other egg. But so far, that's the best look I've had at the hatchling. Here's the video: First Hatch B6! (2:02)

Pam Monahan had a great day at Honey Bee Golf Course with Bald Eagles HK, Sterling, and...

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